About Us



X31 Sports is based in Southern California. The brainchild of Daniel Washburn, a former technology executive and endurance sports enthusiast who decided to leave the corporate world and pursue his dream. Combined two things he cared deeply about; Fitness (triathlons, crossfit and endurance sports) with his passion for New Gear, X31 Sports® was born.

X31 Sports strives to support all types of athletes, regardless of their fitness level or specificity. Our aim is to create exceptional products to help athletes train longer, perform better and recover faster. And, while also looking good while you do it. X31 Sports is big proponents of “Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Play Good”. There is no reason to sacrifice either form or function.

We research, test and experiment with a wide varieties of fabrics and materials in the products that we design. X31 Sports always seeks that one fit that is ultra comfortable, superior function and the highest quality. We provide exceptional Performance Apparel at affordable costs to our customers!

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